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  in vivo Quantum Biology is complex.  It's also counter-intuitive.  But it can optimize life.  We can help!

Life is an extraordinary gift.
Optimizing life, then, is a game worth playing.

My grandfather was an extraordinary man. He was also a passionate farmer and a fine shoemaker. He instilled that passion for life in all of us. You do not need an advanced degree to lead a good life; in my case that helped as well. Fact is, more and more folks are taking responsibility for life and well-being into their own hands. It's a personal matter.

As this trend continues, healthcare is evolving more into self-care, and a form of learning endeavor, rather than an impersonal brick and mortar hospital with imposing machinery or invasive pharmaceuticals ready to begin combat with a body that is perceived as running amok!

In reality, our bodies are more like a well-tuned assembly of elementary particles that is a hologram - a dancing mandala - than a hiding ground where enemies lurk to assault and ambush you! Even so, managing your well-being can feel unfamiliar, even intimidating. Partnering with an engaging coach with love of life, and unwavering dedication to YOUR well-being is an empowering context. We are consultants in in vivo quantum biology eager to partner with you gain mastery of your well-being. We serve discriminating clients, affiliates and clinics. If you're ready to move forward and purchase the equipment please press here. If you are ready to move forward with in vivo Quantum Biology Diagnostics™ and Personalized Plan™ please press here. If you have other questions please use the form below to send us a note. We'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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Open Secret to Well-Being: in vivo Quantum Biology

Are you devoted to unraveling nature's own bounty of wellness and vitality? Yes? You probably have noticed that everything in nature - animate and inanimate - is composed of finer pieces. As we look closer, we transition into constituents so small that they are invisible to our naked eye. In fact so tiny that they don't even obey ordinary laws of physics, but follow quantum mechanics! It stands to reason that change may begin with just one electron! Now introduce superposition, coherence, resonance, tunneling and entanglement -- and the drama unfolds into the pure magic of holographic life! Being so counter-intuitive we have long resisted quantum mechanics. But the applications to life sciences are so compelling that we are witnessing in vivo quantum biology come alive. 

Simply put, who we are biologically is given by who we are at the quantum level. So it is much easier to bring about a shift through quantum biology than through ordinary biology. In addition, in vivo quantum biology does not create side effects -- unlike ordinary biology with such modalities as drugs, surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, So the benefit-to-risk ratio is nearly infinite!

Given such a striking scenario, we are moving forward with in vivo quantum biology. Some outcomes can be understood only by invoking tunneling, superposition, quantum entanglement, stimulated emission and associated quantum processes. They simply lead to optimum health and well-being. Ordinary biology kept us in the dark for too long. The time for in vivo quantum biology has come, creating a paradigm shift, and shining light on well-being - and life in general.

Quantum Biology is complex. And counter intuitive.
However, it can optimize life and well-being. We're a team of scientists and quantum biology practitioners dedicated to serving people optimize their lives using Quantum Biology and MRS -- since 1993. We also have an active group of committed users and followers. We'll be delighted to serve you as well. Please use the response form on top to contact us, schedule a consult or book one of our many services. Thank you.


We all want it, yet we are not exactly sure how to go about it.

Even the experts disagree!

This may be a result of the interplay between Quantum Mechanics and Biology, which have long been regarded as unrelated disciplines, the former describing nature at the inanimate microscopic level, while the latter describing the living species. The fundamental nature of quantum mechanics in unifying the two fields, however, is coming to the forefront.

We are already witnessing the merger.

Our clients are applying Quantum Mechanics to Biology.

Some of the outcomes (inexplicable through Newtonian Biology) can be understood only by invoking such concepts as electron tunneling, quantum entanglement, resonant electron tunneling, stimulated emission and associated processes in macromolecules that can lead to healing, and optimization of well-being. A cautionary note to the reader though: Like Alice in Wonderland, Quantum Mechanics describes the microscopic world with which we have little to no familiarity. So insisting on receiving "Newtonian world" explanations that "make sense" of the "quantum world" may be futile! The entire field of life sciences is undergoing a paradigm shift brought about by Quantum Mechanics applied to Life Sciences. There's no use resisting it, the duality is here to stay! Its ripple effects are going to be felt for some time! Users of MRS equipment are true quantum biology practitioners!

The above images proclaim one of the most compelling stories ever told. The MR image shows how you are "assembled" proton by proton. The CT image shows you are put together electron by electron. Our physical structure originates, then, in the quantum world. Biologists now agree that quantum physics can explain some of life's most amazing natural phenomena that we take for granted.